Shri Balvender Kumar, IAS
Secretary (Mines)
Ministry of Mines
Government of India

Prof Ashutosh Sharma,
Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, GoI



Sri Balvender Kumar, Secretary, Ministry of Mines, GoI

Prof Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, GoI

Under the Aegis of

The International Society for Rock Mechanics

Advisory Committee Members

Sri R Sridharan,IAS, Addl Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Govt of India

Prof BB Dhar, Director (R&IC), Amity Univ., Advisor, HESRT&SD, New Delhi, India

Prof Satya Harpalani,Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, USA

Prof GN Pande,Swansea University, UK

Prof Robin Chowdhury,Emeritus Professor, University of Wollongong, Australia

Dr PK Singh,Director, Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research, Dhanbad, India

Prof DC Panigrahi,Director, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India

Dr Gopal Dhawan,Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Mineral Exploration Corporation ltd, Nagpur, India

Sri RK Sinha,Controller General, Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur, India

Organizing Committee Members

Sri Subhash Chandra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Govt of India

Dr Rajinder Bhasin, Norwegian Institute of Technology, Norway

Dr Shivakumar Karekal, University of Wollangong, Australia

Dr Asim Kr Sinha, Director (S&T), Directorate General of Mines Safety, Dhanbad, India

Dr AK Goel, Chief Scientist, Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research Roorkee, India

Mr PK Sarkar, Dy Director General of Mines Safety (Southern Region), Bengaluru, India

Mr Singa Tiu, Regional Controller, Indian Bureau of Mines, Bengaluru, India

Prof VR Sastry, Dept of Mining Engg, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, Karnataka, India

Prof TN Singh, Dept of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Powai, Mumbai, India

Prof KS Rao, Civil Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India

Sri A Manohar Rao, Director (Projects & Plg), Singareni Collieries Co Ltd, Kothagudem, India

Dr Anupam Agnihotri, Director, Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research, Design & Development Centre, Nagpur, India

Mr Krishna Raju, Mining Allied Products, Hyderabad, India

Dr Surya Parkash, Leader, World Centre of Excellence on Landslide Disaster Reduction, National Institute of Disaster Management, New Delhi, INDIA

Prof BK Shrivastva, Coordinator, Centre of Advanced Studies, Department of Mining Engg, Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi

Event Organizers

Mr A Rajan Babu, Principal Scientist, Centre for Testing Services, & HoD, Slope Stability & Seismo-tectonic Studies, NIRM

Dr PC Jha, HoD, Engineering Geophysics Dept, NIRM

Mr C Sivakumar, HoD, Micro-seismics & Engineering Seismology Det., NIRM

Mr Sripad R Naik, HoD, Numerical Modelling & Ground Control Depts., NIRM

Dr DS Subrahmanyam, HoD, Geotechnical Engineering Dept., NIRM

Dr VR Balasubramaniam, HoD, Environmental & Exploration Geophysics Dept., NIRM

Dr AK Naithani, HoD, Engineering Geology Dept, NIRM

Mr AN Nagarajan, Registrar, NIRM

Convener, Organizing Committee

Dr HS Venkatesh, HoD, Rock Blasting & Excavation Engineering Dept, NIRM

Chairman, Organizing Committee

Dr V Venkateswarlu, Director , NIRM